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26 Ideas for Your 2019 Small Business Marketing Strategy

Despite 2019 being half over at this point, this should be no reason to limit yourself when implementing new small business marketing strategies for the remainder of the year. In her new blog post, Katherine Boyarsky explains the core elements that make up a successful small business, provides an outline on how to get started […]

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Donation Pages: 3 Essential Ways to Improve Conversions

Even if your organization runs its donations page according to conventionally accepted best practices, there are probably ways you can make it better. For one thing, sending all potential donors to a single donation page is often less effective than a combination of three different donation pages: a general donation page, an instant donation page […]

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Wix SEO vs. WordPress: 6.4M Domains Studied

Wix often has a very bad reputation within the SEO community relative to WordPress and most other content management systems. Ahrefs decided to take a closer look at why Wix has this perception of low quality, and to see whether or not it is justified. To do this, Ahrefs checked a sample of 6.4 million […]

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