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How to Leverage Your Local User Data for PR

For a business, there is nothing more exciting than getting featured in a huge national scale publication such as a TV show or a paper that gets delivered to more people than not. But today Igal Stolpner helps us direct our mindset back to more local coverage options and how they might be equally if not more beneficial to your success than you realize. From selling eBooks to reviewing travel destinations, information coming from someone in your own back yard has a incredible benefit that you should not overlook.

Key Takeaways:

  • local publication could be focusing on a specific city, state, region, or even a small country.
  • While this tactic might remind you of another popular PR trend from recent years (i.e., “offering maps”), here we want to focus specifically on local websites and their unique local angles.
  • Whether your website is about a specific hobby, covers education or tech, or specializes in finance, health, news, shopping, or even weight loss, you should be able to find a local angle for one of yo

"This data-driven tactic is not limited to companies focused on data; in fact, it can benefit any medium-sized or larger website by getting more mentions and links."

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